Monday, January 10, 2011

Some art from travels: 2010 (Florence, Berlin, Sicily, Sailing, West Milford, and Maryland)

This man organized the traffic systems in florence.

Cafe del Moro, San Vito Lo Capo. After a delicious cafe latte I tried to draw the Mountain through the Pine tree, which is the iconic land formation in the area. That, and the beautiful beach.

Potted Pine: Erice, Sicily. Another Cafe drawing. This time with an overpriced beer at a tourist trap. I'm from Pinecliff Lake, forgive me if I like little pine trees.

I drew this pineapple head while on a sailboat. I think pineapples are strange looking fruits.

Pinecliff Lake, view from Stowaway Park on Anchor Ave. Fall Foliage.

My Vespa in the corner outside Cafe Zi, in Marsala Sicily. While finishing the drawing, this little Sicilian kid sat next to me and watched. My Italian is decent enough that I can carry a conversation. He'd never been to America, and he was very curious what I was painting. Truth is, I just had a delicious Zi Cafe, and I wanted to sit for a while and paint. It didn't matter what was in front of me, but I was happy to get my bike in the picture. It's a Honda, 125cc Liberty moped. It could hold an hour's worth of gas, and I would shut it off on the tops of mountains and coast, because I never knew when the next station would come up.
Also, check out . If you ever go to Sicily, Antonino from Italia moto rent will help you out. He's the man.

Portrait of Käthe Kollwitz, based off a self-portrait statue in the Käthe Kollwitz Museum in Berlin.

Outside an Internet cafe on Via Guelfa. I rented an apartment around the corner, and this internet point was my homestead for keeping in touch with family and friends. While writing an email I turned to the left and saw this guy suspended in a thought with the graffiti tag behind him. I snapped a photo, and worked up the image in gouache paint.

Self Portrait with Handmade Glasses.

German couple on a plane to London. Up close and personal, maybe a little creepy, but I couldn't get over the shape of the woman's nose and her husband's white mustache.

Night Portrait.

In the district of Mitte - Berlin.

Done after spending a day touring the city of Berlin.. Woke up in the middle of the night, it can be a haunting place.

View of the Arno, facing San Niccolo.

My friend Alban, sleeping on the last bus back to Sesto Fiorentino.

Farmhouse table top. It was like musical chairs, but with salt and pepper shakers as people would sit down use the shakers and try to rearrange them the way they found them so I could continue painting.