Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frame Concepts for Current Project

Currently I am working on a picture framing project. You're looking at a watercolor and two acrylic paintings. The two acrylics were purchased by the customer's kids in Spain from a street painter. The watercolor, by the husband in New York. The frame I designed for the watercolor is pretty minimal, but it is being made of Mahogany, which has such a rich red color and a beautiful grain. Initially I was going to stain it darker, and finish it with a urethane, but yesterday when I assembled it I got the feeling that I should finish it with an oil. I don't have to do that much to it because it is so beautiful.

The acrylic painting of the flamenco dancer will be black with a gray stenciled lace design around it. Flamenco dancers use these huge red fans, and I came upon an image of one that had gray and black lace on the tips. Right now I am experimenting with the lace to see how I can make a stencil out of it. The edges of the thin cloth are fuzzy and absorbent, they kind of fight the spray paint from taking the design.

The Bull fighter frame is going to have a red and brown textured surface, and there is going to be a space between the mounted work and the frame. The spain pictures are the first artworks the kids bought, so I am trying to ornament the work in a way where that importance comes through. The textured surface is like the dirt flying up from the bull, and the lace ties into the dress and fan.

I built most of the frames yesterday, and I will take images of the finished work.