Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"To sit before a blank canvas and a mirror simultaneously is a trick that not many portraitists- no matter how skilled- have ever successfully mastered. It takes a state of mind that is both objective and subjective at one and, the same time and, at least in my experience, I have found few artists able to successfully pull it off. " Raymond J Steiner, Art

(excerpt from: http://burtonsilverman.com/WebPages/Commentary.htm)

Self-Portraiture has been an interest of mine since I was very little. There is a lot of guilt and shame involved spending so much time in front of the mirror looking at yourself - it seems vain. However, I came across this comment by Raymond J Steiner on the self-portraits made by Burton Silverman. I feel that it pin points a very specific reason for my own interest in the subject. The challenge to be objective and subjective at the same time, within your mind, while creating an image of yourself is a powerful experience. A self-portrait can be a lasting impression of a series of moments, and it is gratifying to be able to steady your head enough to wield what you are seeing and feeling in that time.